Custom Orders

Can’t find the size or color you were looking for? Looking for a special product for a very specific use? No problem! Just give us a call or send us an email. We’d be happy to help you find a solution.

Special offers garment bags, tote bags & more

On this page we offer you great deals on special orders and overstocks - many can even be custom printed. Special Offers.


Special Order Packaging & Bags

We develop and produce special packaging solutions. We also produce bags and cases for industrial uses and can provide custom printing.


Coat Check-Bags

These coat check bags were specially created for a museum abroad. Due to their security and safety regulations, guests are not allowed to bring handbags or other personal belongings into the museum. The museum was looking for a way to allow it’s guests to safely store their belongings at the coat check stand and this bag was the perfect solution. We have also produced similar bags for exhibitions and events in other public and government facilities with great success.


Insulated Cooler Bag

Insulated cooler bag for your daily shopping needs

Protective Furniture Shipping Covers

Protective Furniture Shipping Covers

Protect the surfaces of your beautifully lacquered products, or sensitive products made from aluminium or stainless steel, from scuffs and scratches during shipping. The protective cover shown here, made from high quality nonwoven fabric, was specially produced and used to cover a high-gloss book case prior to it being put inside the shipping carton.



These cylindrical shaped bags were specially produced for spray bottles. We’ve produced similar bags as protective&packaging for various other round objects during transportation.


Music Note-Case

The briefcase-like bag shown here was custom produced for an Orchestra to transport and store all loose music sheets, theory papers, notes and more.


Protective Covers

Our company produces protective covers and cases for all imaginable uses. Over the years, we have produced and delivered cases and covers to a wide variety of customers to be used as protective covers for lighting, high quality chrome products, furniture and book cases just to name a few. We can produce our covers with either flap closure, velcro, zipper closure or snaps -the possibilities are endless!