Custom Orders

Can’t find the size or color you were looking for? Looking for a special product for a very specific use? No problem! Just give us a call or send us an email. We’d be happy to help you find a solution.

Special offers garment bags, tote bags & more

On this page we offer you great deals on special orders and overstocks - many can even be custom printed. Special Offers.

Garment Bags and Garment Covers

Garment bags given away at the retail level, whether plain or printed, are perceived by retail customers to be valuable and useful. No other premium give-away provides the same ratio of perceived high quality and a very low price.


Classic Suit Cover

This is our classic zippered suit cover made from nonwoven fabric. Available in stock in either 60 x 100 cm, 60 x 135 cm or 60x165 cm. Valuable as a gift to your customers, these suit bags can be imprinted with your logo to provide long term advertising.


Protective Garment Cover

Attractive non-pleated suit and garment covers, made of nonwoven fabric, 65 x 110 cm. This model is a favorite of our customers from our standard program and is available in stock for immediate delivery. These bags can also be custom printed your logo and available in a few days. 

Suit-Bag-with-Shirt Pocket-G2898EN

Suit Cover with Shirt Pocket

This popular suit cover with zipper closure and extra shirt pocket is made from quality nonwoven fabric and is available in size 65 x 110 x 6 cm. We have this model in stock in a variety of colors. Printed with your custom logo, this suit bag makes an ideal advertising medium for your company.


Suit Cover with Handles

Our newest model suit cover of black nonwoven fabric, can be folded and carried as a bag. It has a separate shirt pocket and is available in 65 x 125 x 6 cm. We would be happy to print these high quality covers on the shirt pocket with your logo insuring that your advertising is clearly visible when the suit bag is carried. 


Garment Bag with Handles

Dress or suit zipper bags with handles and shirt pocket, 65 x 120 x 6 cm, made from deep black nonwoven fabric. Non printed suit bags are in stock for immediate delivery. Should you wish to have your bags printed, they can be ready for delivery in a few days.


Protective Fur and Leather Zipper Covers

We produce protective fur and leather garment covers with breathable side gussets, also suitable for evening wear. These high quality covers are available in either 60 x 130 x 16 cm or 60 x 155 x 16 cm and are in stock for immediate delivery. We can also customize these covers with your logo printed below the viewing window. 


Shoulder Covers

Clear, sturdily stitched, shoulder covers protect your garments from dust, dirt and sticky fingers. Our shoulder covers are in stock in either 50 or 60 cm wide, and 28 or 38 cm long. Not the size you need? We’d be happy to custom produce our shoulder covers to your exact specifications. 


Budget Suit Cover - Transparent

Our budget-friendly transparent suit and garment covers from our standard program, size 60 x 100 and 60 x 135 cm, are available in stock for immediate delivery.


Fabric Suit Covers

High quality, durable suit covers suitable for long term use. These covers are produced from a cotton blend fabric or nylon. We can gladly customize these covers with your logo.

Garment-Bag-with-Tapered Side Panels-G1286EN

Garment Bag with Tapered Side Panels

Our garment bag with tapered side panels, whether printed or plain, is the perfect protective cover for fur and leather garments and is ideal for long term use.