Backpacks & Sports bags

Backpacks, travel and sports bags are associated with positive emotions. Printed with your individual logo they are an excellent advertising tool.

Sports/Travel Bag – 2005-74 (approx. 62 x 31 x 33 cm, black/red)

Sports/Travel Bag

Free time and sports bag with logo imprint - ideal for clubs.

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Backpack – 2016-01 (approx. 30 x 50 x 30 cm, black)


High grade backpack with big storage space, incl. rain hood.

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City-Backpack – 2012-01 (approx. 27 x 33 x 15 cm, black)


Practical and stylish small backpack with opening for headphones.

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Backpack – 2007-75 (approx. 29 x 44 x 18 cm, blue/black)


Sporty looking free time backpack as a reliable companion.

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Backpack – 2006-75 (ca. 28 x 47 x 16 cm, blue/black)


Practical all-round backpack for any application.

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This you should know about backpacks & sports bags

Backpacks are cool, sporty and multifunctional in use. You can wear them to every outfit, whether with leather trousers while hiking or combined with a business suit to an appointment.

We offer different models from stock – for every needed function:

From a simple budget-backpack (e. g. as practical give-away at trade fairs) up to high-grade and technically sophisticated backpacks – always printable with your advertising.

Many customers associate lots of positive emotions with a backpack: journeys, holidays, free time, adventures, freedom. Due to the incomparable advertising effect, the high range of the advertising message, the contact rate, sympathy and their durability are backpacks very popular as promotional tools.