Special offers

Toiletry Bag/ Make-Up bag with Logo – 3647 (30 x 17 x 12 cm, black)

Toiletry Bag/ Make-Up bag with Logo

Cosmetic bag with rounded edges made from aus Seiden-Nylon.

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Cosmetic bag – 3422 (20 x 12 x 7 cm, black)

Cosmetic bag

Shapely cosmetic bag as a premium advertising gift.

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This you should know about special offers

All products can be printed individually. “Cheap” doesn’t mean you have to accept a low quality.

All offered promotional items and garment bags are made of a high quality and are processed very well. It’s about production surplusses, non-taken goods or models which were produced for a specific customer (neutral, without print).

All these bags and covers are first class products.

Already printed garment bags – low cost

If you’re looking for particularly favourable garment bags which will be only used for storage (e. g. for saisonal goods) we can offer occasionally garment bags which are printed with a foreign logo. The functionality isn’t impaired.